MAREC personnel attended the annual meeting of the Organization of PJM States, Inc (OPSI), in early October. This was an opportunity for the states in the PJM region to discuss issues of concern. The first day’s panels consisted of discussions on how to integrate state policies into energy and capacity markets and how a carbon price could be implemented in the PJM markets. These panels were useful for understanding the perspectives of the different stakeholders, as these topics have been extensively discussed in the stakeholder process, and these discussions will continue in the near future.

The second day’s panels discussed Locational Marginal Pricing, Distributed Energy Resources, and Transmission Cost Caps. These panels were also interesting, though the positions of most stakeholders has been very consistent so less new information was introduced than on the first day. Notable was the lunch speaker, FERC Commissioner Robert Powelson, who reiterated his commitment to markets, especially in light of the recent NOPR put out by the DOE that could completely upend markets if implemented as written.